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Option #1 – Full Planning

Your Financial Perspective… let’s get started!


Just like a doctor needs to know your complete medical history and symptoms before making a medical diagnosis, we need to be familiar with your complete financial history in order to provide you with a sound financial plan for the future.

Background Information for Getting Started

Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans (Group RRSPs)

Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plans (RPPs)

Non-Registered Savings Plans (NRSPs)

Group Benefit Packages

Buy-Sell Your situation

An option to consider – a life insured Buy-Sell Arrangement

How does Buy-Sell Arrangement work?

We have prepared a form that will get you thinking about your financial situation as well as offer us a window into where we can help you make the changes that could improve your expected outcome.


When you come in for your first meeting, we ask that you bring the completed form with you.


Please note that you must print off this form, fill it out and email or fax it to us. We cannot guarantee the security of this information using this process. You can download the form here.


However, using this secondary form confirms that your information is secure.

Financial Planning Questionnaire

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